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How can I contact Questionmark?


Chat with Technical Support

Use the chatbot in the lower right of your screen to get chatting with our Technical Support team.

How to contact Technical Support



+1 800-597-3950  or 
+1 203-425-2400



+44 (0) 20 7561 5390  (UK)
+49 (0) 89 220 61272 (Germany)

Pacific Rim


+61 2 5104 0605 (Australia)

Questionmark's sunset policies

In order to continue providing reliable, high-quality products and services, Questionmark periodically "sunsets" or retires older versions of its products, thereby discontinuing technical support for these versions. Retiring older products allows Questionmark to focus resources on enhancing products and providing support for more current versions.

If you are currently using a retired Questionmark product but want to continue receiving live technical support, you will need to install and register a supported version. Here is basic information about Questionmark’s sunset policies. If you require more information, please email

  • Minor versions will be supported by phone and email for 24 months after the release date of the next major version. However, issues that need resolution will almost certainly require an upgrade to the latest version.
  • Customers are encouraged to move to the next major version as soon as possible.
  • Public training courses for previous major versions will stop within two months of the release of the next major version.
  • Private training courses for previous major versions will stop within six months of the release of the next major version.
  • Consulting services on previous major versions will stop within six months of the release of the next major version.
  • Issues with the previous version will be fixed at Questionmark’s discretion, depending on the severity of the problem.

Support status of recent on-premise versions of Questionmark software: 

Version Date released Support status
Questionmark OnPremise July 2017 (first release; releases occur monthly)
  • The current supported version of Questionmark's assessment management system that can be deployed on-premise.
  • New OnPremise versions are typically released each month following monthly OnDemand releases.
  • Effective July 2017, Questionmark OnPremise replaces Questionmark Perception. 
  • All customers currently using Questionmark Perception are encouraged to either upgrade to Questionmark OnPremise or consider moving to Questionmark OnDemand.
Questionmark Perception 5.7 May 2014
  • Questionmark Perception has been replaced with Questionmark OnPremise.
  • Perception 5.7 Service Pack 4 was the most recent supported version.
  • Fixes for critical issues may be issued at the discretion of Questionmark; however, resolution to most issues will require an upgrade.
  • Support for Questionmark Perception will cease in December 2020.
Questionmark Perception 5.4 May 2012
  • No longer supported
Questionmark Perception 5.2 June 2010
  • No longer supported